Jonathan Sims (futuretaikonaut) wrote in the_dorksociety,
Jonathan Sims

in need of a roommate

hey... methinks I need a roommate this coming august for
an apartment off campus. I've talked to alison... I'd like to
live with her and her friend but her mother requires another
female to live with them. So, any of you my girl friends
who would like to join us, write me back, call, email, carrier

On the other hand, I still need a roommate, even if a
suitable female cannot be found for the alison venture, or
one who'd rather live with me. I'll live with anyone, boy or
girl, who wants to share an apartment with me, or offer me
a place in a larger one with others.

I can't move back into a dorm, I've too much stuff, and plus
I don't want to go back to the politics of living under those
totalitarians. I can't live alone, that'd cost too much. This
will be reposted.

Give me a call folks, we'd have fun.

p.s. spread the word....
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