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im applying you awesome shit mothas!

001. name. Charlez L. P-hinney

002. age. NINetine

003. location. wellll, i was born at St Joseph's Hospital in down-fucking-town Houston TX, grew up in Belair, and then moved to i live i the awesome basement room of Beretta on the Texas State campus in San Marcos TX

004. 3 bands.. Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Garbage

005. 3 movies. Donnie Darko, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Ray Masters

006. hobbies. Singing, watching movies, writing lyrics/poetry

007. a few words about the 816 hopkins house. rest in peace....oh, what could i say? i was there few times, but that house spawned a whole slew of new friends for i guess in its proverbial death, proverbial life was of metaphorical babies...babies in the form of 20 somethin year olds...and dancing

008. &the talking leads to touching. &the touching leads to sex. & then there is no mystery left. &it's bad news. baby i'm bad news. i'm just bad news. bad news. bad news.
and the news is, YOU'RE PREGNANT! with satan

009. BEST adult swim cartoon, GO.

010. if you could fuck anyone who would it be &why? Shirley Manson of Garbage, she makes me smile (her voice, music and looks)

011. friend? friend of a friend? or invited? &who. (also worded as: name drop or who do you know) what? friend? im confuzled!

012. LYRIC/POEM/SOMETHING UNIQUE THAT DESCRIBES YOU. "I was born into this, everything turns to shit, the boy that you loved is the man that you fear"


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