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you know whats coming stupid fucks

so guys....a couple of more weeks and everyone comes back to san marcos and fall starts. but the question are we going to celebrate prior to the first day? ideas and thoughts?
float the river?
beer weekend?
24 beers in 24 hours ashley?
40s taped to our hands?
another weekend where i try to go gay?
fuck i dont know i just want everybody (and i mean FUCKING everybody) to get back together and party.
tell me what you think assfaces.
i miss everybody
hurry back.
dorms open soon
move in to your new apartments
move your asses back in soon
me and jonny will be partying it up at college inn
us permanent san marcos citizens (ie. me, stacey, jen, molly, jon) will be waiting
i can't wait
well yah i can cus school sucks
but i cant wait to get drunk and say fuck school.
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