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001. name. Jena
002. age. 19
003. location. dallas tx- san marcos in a month
004. 3 bands OR MUSIC you like. ex models, atom and his package, an albatross
005. 3 movies. ICHI THE KILLER, audition, the rules of attraction
006. hobbies. being a ninja, spin the bottle, spotting stylish asians at the mall
007. how many 816 hopkins parties have you been to? uh oh, i'm rejected.
008. favorite mod, &explain. (or until we get mods, WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE AS A MOD) I read about the mods. and ashley seems like the shit. but i'm sure you are all way cooler then me.
009. BEST adult swim cartoon, GO. aqua teen hunger force
010. if you could fuck anyone who would it be &why? ian somerhalder because he is SO FUCKING HOT why else?
011. friend? friend of a friend? or invited? &who. (also worded as: name drop or who do you know) I am no one. I looked for san marcos... because I know nothing about my future home.

i had some 40z on my mind when i woke up this mornin'
i was sick of fancy drinks from the bitches i'd been bonin'
wanted to get trashed, lay down and drink my stash
get up and make a quick dash then bat my fuckin' eyelash
at the big nasty bottle of the shit i drink
you may call me a ghetto freak but i won't even blink
don't even try to contain the 40z that i drain
i leave a malt liquor stain like a fucking freight train

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